How to save on Back to School Shopping

Summer is winding down and back to school thoughts are entering every parent’s mind. For many, just the thought of school brings ups and downs. Those warm summer days will end all too soon and it’s time to get back into a routine. On the upside, the kids are back on the path to learning. This means early mornings preparing school snacks and doing homework. For some parents, school means that we finally get a moment to ourselves to think, for others it means even more to do. For me, it means early mornings getting the kids ready and more traffic on my way to work. It has been nice not having to wait in long lines, but soon I’ll be joined by commuting parents and school busses

Of course the stores know school days are coming so we are being bombarded with “Back to School Sales.” In fact, I think they started a week or two after school got out for the summer! Every week brings new flyers with sales to try to entice us to buy. Generally, stores start sales way before a season begins to get you in to the buying mood. They try to lure you with “sales” but studies show that the best deals can actually be found after school starts.

I have two girls going to school this year so I’ve started to plan my back to school list which involves paper, supplies, back packs and school clothes. I’ve taken advantage of summer clearances to get a few outfits for each child, but will wait until school is in session before I really shop. To get the best bang for your buck wait until after the school rush. Stores will turn their attention to the holiday season and those same fashions will be deeply discounted to make room for winter apparel. If your little fashionista just has to have the latest in styles and trends, go ahead and splurge on one or two outfits to start off the school year, but if you want to save money wait until October for the best deals on the essentials!

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