Online Shopping Woes

Confession: I love to shop shopping

I’ve always enjoyed shopping in general, but in the past year or so I have been shopping online more than going to the mall. At first, it was because the mall was just too inconvenient. If I wanted to hit the mall after work, I would be fighting through traffic to get there, and usually it was only for one or two things. Half of the times when I went to the mall, I wouldn’t even buy anything. That started to seem like a waste of time to me. So, inspired by some of my coworkers, I tried shopping online. Shopping online doesn’t require sitting in traffic, and can be done from just about anywhere!

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At first, shopping online really wasn’t my thing. I would be excited to buy something, but then I had to wait days, sometimes even weeks to get it in the mail. This took some getting used to. Online shopping lacks instant gratification that many of us who like to shop crave.  Waiting for packages to arrive took a little getting used to, but soon I found myself not even noticing how much time went by. Sometimes, I would be busy enough with my daily routine that I would forget I even ordered anything.  And then…surprise! A box on my front steps gave me that Christmas morning feeling and made my day. Plus it was way more fun to get boxes in the mail instead of bills!

Here’s what I do now to save myself some post-online-shopping-regret.

  • Unsubscribe from the emails that stores or websites send you. Just reading their titles can tempt me into checking out their website. And you know what happens once you get on the website, right?
  • Clearing my computer’s cache is something I do more often than I used to. While I’m not totally knowledgeable on how the world wide web actually works, I have noticed that if I look up something just once, it is in the ads on my computer for weeks after. Sometimes, it’s something I ended up buying when I first checked it out. But other times, it is a reminder of something I either talked myself out of ordering, or something I forgot that I wanted to order. The ads on the side of my screen are a total trigger for me to start browsing online. Leave me alone, ads.
  • I don’t keep any shopping apps on my phone or iPad. Apps on your home screen bring shopping to your fingertips, no matter where you are. Their convenience isn’t a good thing in my eyes. They make shopping online that much easier for me.
  • My homepage on my laptop is now the Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union website. This is where I have my accounts, and I usually log in when I get onto my computer. It used to seem like a cruel reminder I was setting myself up for, but now I’m glad I decided to do this. This is helpful to me because when I check my account history, it’s a reminder of where my money should be going, and where it shouldn’t be going. It makes me think twice about the next website I visit being a shopping site.
  • Sleep on it! I leave my potential purchases in my cart overnight. If I can remember it’s there after a day or so, maybe it isn’t an impulsive buy anymore. If the cart was reset, let’s see if I can find the item again. If I can’t find it on the site, it wasn’t meant to be.
  • Search for discount codes/free shipping if you are going to purchase something online. Usually, I’m lucky enough to find some sort of code that saves me a little cash!

Do you love shopping online just as much as I do? If you’re trying to cut down, try some of the tips that helped me. It’s just as easy to drop this habit as it is to start it. What do you prefer, shopping online or in stores? 


10 Responses to “Online Shopping Woes

  • Jasmine
    3 years ago

    I love ordering online because I’m not one to head to the mall. And I love the surprise of something turning up on my doorstep!

    The last 2 tips are something I frequently do: I always sleep on it, and I search for a coupon code before purchasing. I’ve saved a buttload of money that way! Great tips!

  • Shopping online saves some time and I love it!!

  • I prefer to shop in a store and get the instant gratification. I like things now! I often browse online and do my research, but am too impatient to buy anything online that I can go to a store (within a reasonable distance) to buy. My husband, on the other hand receives several packages weekly! I remind him when he complains about the time I spend the mall that he is just as guilty!

  • Helpful tips! Thanks!

  • Great tips!

  • Heather
    3 years ago

    Shopping on line saves time and limits impulse buys.

  • Having a active family and a full time job makes it difficult to find time to get to the mall. I agree with you that when I finally do have time to get there it is a hit or miss. It is very frustrating when you are looking for something and you find nothing. Online shopping is so much fun. You find what you want, you forget you ordered it and then one day you get a great surprise on your door step. It definitely makes my day brighter getting a package instead of a bill!

  • Kaelagh Haley
    3 years ago

    Thank you for all of the comments. It’s good to see that I’m not the only one who loves shopping online!

  • Jessica A
    3 years ago

    OMG you’re speaking for me! Shopping online with one click checkout, plus me equals instant buyers remorse! I also never return what I buy because it’s too much of a hassle! Thanks for the tips!!!

  • Ebates is a fun way to earn cash back when shopping online. I also like using buy online pick up in store, it can help save on shipping cost.


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